Symposium Objective

The theme for RECaSE 2023 is “Advancement in Green Chemistry for Sustainable Energy”. This symposium is designed to disseminate the latest research findings and advances in the fields of chemical engineering, catalysis, and sustainable energy. Aside from that, RECaSE 2023 will serve as an excellent opportunity to initiate a research collaboration network among participants with similar research interests from around the world.

Specifically, the RECaSE 2023 aims to:

  • To provide a platform for academic scientists and researchers to exchange and share their knowledge in chemical engineering, catalysis, and sustainable energy through presentation and publication mechanisms.
  • To highlight the technological application experiences and solutions for sustainable energy towards commercialization and wealth generation for the nation.
  • To provide opportunities for discussion and information sharing platforms for researchers from various organizations, investors, and industrialists regarding their findings, technology, policies, and services.